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The Key to Freedom

Yoga in a bottle?!

Yoga brings all kinds of people to the mat.

Whether your goal is to heal a past injury, de-stress, lose weight, find relief from depression or anxiety, yoga is a solution to all types of pain—physical, mental, and emotional.

We all seek yoga for different reasons, but the underlying commonality in our reasoning is we want something to be different; we’re all trying to get rid of the pain.

It’s ironic, really, because the whole practice of yoga is designed to help you to "be happy now". However, we can’t find happiness, or contentment, if we aren’t experiencing some kind of discontent first. It’s from the discontent that the most incredible door is opened—the door to yoga.

Yoga is commonly described as the physical practice, but I’m speaking of it as much more than that. The kind of yoga that I practice and provide is the kind that teaches you that you’re exactly where you need to be, and shows you that you’re perfect just the way you are. It’s a style that makes you feel like life is full of never ending possibilities, and will help you find peace no matter what life throws at you. Most importantly, it can unveil a sense of freedom within yourself that you never knew to be imaginable.

I was never a yogi initially as my favorite sport is running, so if you're new to this new paradigm, have heart! I actually quit halfway through my first yoga session, which was a P90X dvd, instructed by Tony Horton. Funny enough, I was marathon training at the time in 2010 and couldn't even make it through 45minutes of the 90 minute yoga session! As a competitive athlete, this floored me. How could this silly thing called "yoga" be kicking my butt? I run 26.2 miles nonstop! Well, from that day forward, I was determined to "master" this game. However, it wasn't until I fractured my foot that this became my "therapy". Yoga is a journey of self discovery. Every human is a unique being and our bodies are AMAZING biological machines. What you will discover about yourself on the mat is something worth discussing.

I was doing some research and got excited to find so many parallels in my other love... Have we found Yoga in a bottle?!

As a Pre-Med, biological science major, I naturally dove into the studies on this topic. We now know that Yoga is an ancient solution to a modern epidemic. How about combining this with the inside out approach to optimal health? Ready for the prime time?!

Well, get excited... It's a positive one!!

Finally. In an ABC Primetime special that aired in 2005, it was discovered how ancient medicine combined with modern technology is now proven to reduce cellular oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. Literally, reducing the inflammation in your body within a months time. This technology, called Nrf2 activation, fascinated me, so I dove further.

We can now validate that there is a link between Yoga and Oxidative Stress!!

Where's the proof? Type in Oxidative stress (+ yoga) on (the National Institute of Health website for peer- reviewed research at the highest level) to see the correlation between yoga and reducing the effects of oxidative stress inside the body.

As of today, there are now 25 topics with articles to back them up that have already been published.

I will highlight a couple of my favorite Yoga- related links to the topic.

In one of the studies, yoga has been found to decrease blood pressure as well as the levels of oxidative stress in patients with hypertension.

Even a brief yoga-based lifestyle intervention reduced the markers of stress and inflammation as early as 10 days in patients with chronic diseases.

Imagine the incredible benefits with a combination of both yoga and an all-natural product, Nrf2, that would not only slow aging, reduce inflammation and stress in helping your body stay youthful from the inside - out!?! Knowing that I had an injury in 2011 and combined with this new knowledge, it was a no brainer to combine the two and speed up recovery.

Nrf2 technology is the ONLY natural activator in the world proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40-70% in 30 days; slowing the cellular aging process to the levels of a 20 year old. Both inside our bodies and on our skin. Incredible, eh?! You're probably wondering what has happened in the last 5 years? I recovered in half the time therapists and doctors said I would, rebounded from injury, ran my second best marathon time three months later, qualified for 5 world triathlon championships, became a yoga instructor and have been injury free ever since. I'd say it works. ;-)

***Remember, everyone's body is unique and different! How will yoga and Nrf2 will affect you? I have no idea, but I DO know that it will be positive and I look forward to hearing how. Zap me a message! I'd love to hear your story.

Cheers to better health, improved performance and slowing aging from the inside out.

<3 JC

"Knowledge is Free, Education is Power, Action is Success. We are one in the same. Flowing Together through Life." ~Crate

"Take PRIDE in how far you've come and have FAITH in how far you can go."

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