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Running Forward into 2017

Happy Holidays from the Crate Corner

Happy New Year from the Crate Corner

Dear Precious Friends,

It’s that wonderful time of the year again!!

What an amazing opportunity to celebrate the LAUNCH of a New Year and reflect on an incredible 2016. The New Year is HERE and I couldn’t be more excited about what 2017 has in store. I am so grateful to be CONNECTED with you and I look forward to keeping up with you on social media, meeting you in person, traveling, working, partnering or collaborating on many of the opportunities that will allow our paths to cross. God is so good!

A Glance at the Rear View Mirror…

As we close out 2016, I am overjoyed and feeling extremely blessed.

YOU are in my life for a reason and I am so grateful to family, friends, business partners, colleagues, alumni, fellow athletes coaches, mentors, leaders & soul-mates... You have ALL touched my life in more ways than one today and inspire me each & EVERY day to continue pursuing my purpose. You are INCREDIBLE! 💕

Life definitely has it's ups and downs, which in business, I now refer to as the “entrepreneurial roller coaster”. Nevertheless, I will continue to rise above, abiding by the live lokai motto: “When you’re at your highest high, stay humble. When you hit your lowest low, stay hopeful. Life comes full circle.” My hope and prayer is that in doing so, some aspect of my life will INSPIRE you to go, do, and BE more. To #ThinkOUTsidethebox, to experience life and to truly love without limits or expectations. Strive for 1% better everyday, never settle and reach for the moon.... Because you CAN!! You have ONE body through which we can experience this ONE life. LIVE. Don't exist.💪💥

We need examples as much or more than teachers alone. My life's journey is a message of achieving your best personal, health and wellness goals. #PreventionActivist, #BodyMindSoul #Architect #Adventurer

As a former Elite Athlete and Entrepreneur, I am using my athletic abilities, competitive successes, knowledge and passion to help you reach your goals.

Quick Recap⁉️

🔹Entrepreneur, speaker and team leader with LifeVantage, LFVN. We are now in 10 countries!

🔹Former Elite runner/triathlete on Team USA, now coaching and training athletes as a USATF Coach and Yoga Sports Performance Instructor. 😃

🔹Co-Leading my first Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua in February 2017!

🔹Based in Atlanta, GA with home offices in Florida and Ontario, Canada.

🔹Working with F45 Training as their Chief Marketing Officer and Business Development Consultant. Our first location is Buckhead, Atlanta coming March 2017.

I am thankful for a home base in ATL, the Delta hub of awesomeness, that is oozing with opportunity to L.E.A.D. 👉🏼 Learn, Earn, Advance and Develop.

I am grateful to have found my PURPOSE in the Trifecta… Starting with JOY 👉🏼 Jesus, Others, You

Jesus 👉🏼 God is so good.

I have found home churches in Buckhead Church and Passion City in Atlanta, GA. With music that heals the soul and a message of faith and inspiration, the opportunity to serve and attend these churches during my travels is a blessing! We just came off of the PASSION Conference from January 2- 4 here in Atlanta, GA. There were over 50,000 college students representing over 63 countries! I served as a Door Holder on the Touch Team and was able to lead, inspire and love on so many others during this conference. It was INCREDIBLE!!

For more information to pray, join or support this mission, visit:

Others 👉🏼 Family!!!

I am so PROUD of my Mom, Sharon Larson, in Lakeland, FL. She just finished her degree and received a promotion at her job at the senior living facility. She is also furthering her certifications in the Equine Therapy field and volunteers with my youngest sister, Kylee in Florida.

My father, Mark Crate, is currently based in Ontario and works as a Private Practice Counselor and runs a Construction business on the side, while staying fit and active as he travels the country.

My brother Calen is now full-time as an Occupational Therapist based in Vancouver, BC.

Middle sister Ashley Crate, is based in Royal Oak, MI as a Nurse with her boyfriend, Rob. They just moved into a new house and are excited to travel more this year once Rob finishes up his Nursing degree.

My youngest sister, Kylee is finishing up her college degree at UCF in Orlando, FL and pursuing next steps in the Medical Field to work in the Navy upon Graduation in May.

My Larson grandparents - Grandpa Art and Grandma Wanda are such beautiful examples of the godly and loving couple I aspire to exemplify in the future. They survived Hurricane Matthew with my Aunt Lori in Florida mid October and have continued to serve Global Outreach Missions. My Grandpa Larson recently WON the Growing Bolder Award: An honor that shines the spotlight on local seniors who, as valuable members of the community, are pursuing their passions and living lives of purpose while making a difference in the lives of others. See more or nominate someone you know here:

My Crate Pa & Nan- Carl & Gloria are just the most precious go- getters that inspire me to stay current on all of the amazing happenings in our HUMONGOUSLY amazing Crate clan as they travel as much or more than I do, visiting and serving the legacy (us!!) that they've created.

YOU 👉🏼 Me, US!!

Taking care of OUR sphere from body, mind to soul is KEY to daily success in life. Living it so we can give it. Walking the walk and talking the talk. Looking up to stay inspired so therefore, WE can go forth and inspire others together.

Cheers to my LifeVantage family, our F45 Training team, the GOTR community, my best friends, family, training partners, fellow yogis, accountability partners, soul sisters, inspirational leaders, mentors and gurus. Let’s make 2017 the BEST year yet!!!


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