Does Makeup Actually Change Perception?

Can makeup be a strategic aid in the boardroom? A recent study suggests that, YES, a little makeup might be just the thing you need to redefine how you’re perceived by colleagues in the workplace.

An entire debate is being dubbed “the science of makeup,” and researchers from illustrious institutions such as Harvard University are digging deep into how makeup use (from none to tons) may affect a person’s perception of the women wearing it.


Read this sentence and try to finish it: “A suit is to leadership as makeup is to . . .” According to a 2011 study sponsored by Proctor & Gamble and designed by Boston University researchers, the missing word in the sentence is “competence.”

In other words, the strategic use of makeup can make women seem more competent. In the study, which was recognized as a first in its genre, a group of 25 women each wore five different looks ranging from make-up free to heavy makeup. Then subjects were asked to view the photos of these women for a varying range of time and rate their competence.

The results were enlightening. Women who wore professional to glam levels of makeup were rated as more competent.

As we near the busy holiday season, it is important to be prepared for any situation. From snow skiing all day to a fancy dinner party at night, you want to be able to transition with ease, grace and timely beauty, while maintaining or simply enhancing your level of "competency".

So let’s dive into today’s topic; “BEAUTY”, using the “K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple Silly) method…. Providing simple solutions to basic problems. Beauty is only skin deep and biohacking Collateral Beauty is an INSIDE OUT process.

In honor of the winter holiday season and after traveling across North America this year, I was inspired to share my “summer glow” beauty tips with you. Enjoy my beginners 7 step guide for beauty queen status in 10 minutes or less.

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Start with a clean, freshly washed face: I recommend the natural True Science Skin Care Regimen to prime your skin for an even fresher and longer lasting look.


As a traveling diva, I cannot always find my favorite top makeup brands, so I sought out some simple staples that allow me to access a “summer glow” wherever I am in the world.

Today’s demo featured items that you can find in any drug store.