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What DO you do?

"Whatever it takes."

Coined as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Jessica Crate is a fiery, driven woman, former Olympic level Elite Marathon runner and triathlete who qualified to compete for Team USA at 5 consecutive World Triathlon Championships in both ITU and the Ironman 70.3 circuits.

She is now the C.E.O. of Crate Consulting LLC and full-time Lifestyle Entrepreneur with LifeVantage. Along with being a USATF Running Coach, Yoga Sports Performance Teacher and Yoga Alliance Instructor, her life mission is to inspire others to “cultivate a champion mindset” and "live a life that demands an explanation".

Currently, Jessica now works as an Independent Distributor for the world’s fastest growing direct selling company. Jessica jet sets across the country speaking on stage promoting human performance, active fitness, conscious health choices, and LifeStyle entrepreneurship. Educating others on social capital, faith, fitness and residual is her focus.

Jessica had an unfair advantage when she began taking her health, lifestyle, and business seriously though. After moving to the U.S. from Canada and graduating from Florida State University with a Pre-Medical degree in Biological Science and Psychology, she worked for some of the top medical device and pharmaceutical companies, witnessing first hand the neglect that modern science dedicated to curing diseases - while these companies invested billions of dollars into patent profits just to mask the symptoms of underlying illness.

Professionally, Jessica’s energy is downright contagious. Her smile captivates the room and she exudes a beautiful aura wherever she goes. With documentation from working in the white-coat offices of modern medicine, which eventually gave her the mental resolve to leave it behind for Olympiad training, the presence she conveys on stage in front of thousands is powerful. Jessica is passionate about moving, motivating, and inspiring the body, mind and soul vision behind the Human Performance Movement.

Jessica is an Elite Marathon runner, World Class triathlete, USATF Coach, Yoga Instructor, businesswoman and lifestyle entrepreneur. She serves on the Community Advisory Board for a National Charity, Girls on the Run, as the Executive Board Chair.

She speaks on life, training, fitness, nutrition and her secret to success, while motivating individuals at any level to pursue their passion with the heart of a champion, even in the midst of adversity.” ~MMB60 Program, The Platform Magazine, True TV, iHeart Radio

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